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TamborinPro helps you hire, onboard, pay and manage full-time remote talents for your business operations.

Tamborin has given us access to top talent from a wide range of countries.

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Sourcing and managing global talent is time-consuming. Instead, use TamborinPro to source and manage your team so you can focus on growing and developing your business.

Access to a highly-qualified pool of candidates

With TamborinPro, you can easily find pre-assessed and highly qualified remote professional top talents from Africa & Latin America.

10x Faster Hiring + 97% Placement Rate

Hire in < 21 days.

Fast turn-around time, with an average of 14 days from the job description to hire – we have a funnel of talent ready to go!

Lower Cost, Better Talent

Save over 50% Using Tamborin compared to local Canada or US talent. 

Lower operating costs: Growth is expensive – only hire your team as needed.

How is Tamborin different?

TamborinPro helps you hire, onboard, pay and manage internal remote talents for your business operations. We screen, every candidate to be the best fit for your team.

  • The staff are employed by TamborinPro, working full-time for you — so you have no payroll, legals, benefits, or costly overhead.

  • We oversee and time-track your global team, allowing you to manage their tasks, rather than their productivity.

  • We assign a dedicated TamborinPro Operations Manager committed to your ongoing success.

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How do you benefit?

We source and pre-vet candidates for you to interview. Once you have selected a great candidate, we will onboard your new hire, handle all the paperwork, and function as your HR department in the background.

Turn-key hiring helps you grow at a moment’s notice. We offer a quick turn-around for the sign-up process of your new hire – with an average of 14 days for the process from sourcing to onboarding your new team member.

  • Hire smart and on-demand. Start small with one or more staff, and scale quickly to meet the demands of your growing business, without having to expand your physical workspace and equipment.

Hiring remotely means having access to a greater talent pool, not limited to your geographical area.

Having a remote team in different time zones means your business can operate 24/7, giving you an edge in the competitive business world.

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How It Works?

When you partner with Tamborin you do not have to evaluate resumes or participate in ANY interviews – we own this process 100%!


Take the survey

Once you are off the waitlist, you will meet with our team to confirm your requirements.



We recruit a full time team member to fit your exact needs, working hours, etc. This step takes about 14 days.


Meet Your Team Member

And get growing together! Your new hire is fully embedded as a full-time member of your team.

What roles can we help you with?

Software Development

DevOps, UI/UX, QA, PM, Full Stack, Sysadmin, CTO, etc


Growth, Social Media, Content Writing, SEM/SEO, Paid Social


Brand Marketing, Account Managers, Data/Inventory/Product Analyst


Customer Service, Project Management and Executive Assistant, Recruitment

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Hear From Our Clients

Tamborin was a low-risk, high ROI way to source engineering talent. In under three weeks, we hired a 3 Mobile and 4 backend engineers to help us meet our product goals

Haitham Nassar

CEO - Cassbana

We felt confident in the competence of Tamborin’s team. Can we find the right people and will they fit the team and deliver high quality work? Your team gave us all of that.

Ife Johnson

Co-Founder - Juice


If you have specific questions about our services. Please reach out.

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What roles can I hire for?

We specialize in the following categories: Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Customer Support & VAs, Sales, and Software Engineering. We've successfully placed candidates ranging from CTOs, SDR Associates , Virtual Assistants and Data Scientists in under 3 weeks.

Q: How does your pricing work?

We charge a monthly fee per hire which changes slightly dependent on the role. We can provide an exact quote once we have requirements for the role you're looking to fill. You don't pay us anything unless you make a hire.

Q: How do I know I can trust your candidates?

We pre-vet all of our candidates for English fluency and clean resumes. We run reference calls and background checks. We’ll do our best to find a teammate you can stay with for the long term!

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